already lost 4 big lbs in less than 1 week
Christine Reeder

... I got my order July 13 and today is only July 19th and I've lost 4 lbs and lots of inches - my clothes are lose. And I'm only taking ONE a day. I'm also taking your other product called CHEATmeals, but I don't even think I do because I'm never hungry any more.

I'm no longer craving sweets and carbs like I use to and I'm telling all my friends about this product. I have digestive problems and I can't take a lot of products, but this actually seems to help with that too. I love your product and God Bless

Christine Reeder (mal***

very potent, lost over 20 pounds in 30 days
Roma Craig

...I purchased Lean Optimizer about 30 days ago. It's very potent. I didn't expect what had come out of the product.... Hands down, it's better than all the products I've tried over the years. Over 30 days, I've lost 20 lbs. Gone from a size 48 to 42. ... It helped me diet much easier. It helped stop the cravings. It surpassed what I expected the product to do. I think it's a great product.

Roma Craig (amor***

I've told 6 friends of mine, it's NOT a gimmick
Kelli Fortin

... I've read everything at your site about the research. I've probably tried every diet, every pill, and some have worked - but never as good as yours. I happen to get from my friend, a testimonial about your product and I took it, but with a lot of negativity I was thinking of. But I have to say that within 2 months, I've lost a total of 16 pounds and did it very slowly and very safely. I followed the exact directions and every time I had a question, I would write your support and always get an answer within 24 hours.

I 100% believe in this and I actually have told about 6 friends of mine who have also ordered. It's not a gimmick. They will tell you everything you'll need to know to get results.

Kelli Fortin (Keli***

I'm 63 and had ZERO negative effects
Diane Andrus

... I'm 63 years old and I started using your product for a month and already I've lost 5 lbs. I wanted to let you know how pleased I am and there are no negative side-effects at all. ... It really works and doesn't make me a nervous wreck.

Diane Andrus (dian***

went from a size 7, down to a 2-3
Sally Toro

... I saw results within the first week I started taking it. I went from a size 7 and now I'm down to a size 2 or 3. ... And have a more youthful body. It also seems like I'm losing it in all the right places. ... I've lost a little over 17 lbs in about 3 months. I've been losing it gradually and it's been staying off. This is a great opportunity for me to thank you personally and for introducing me to this product. I just absolutly love it and I think you're a great person for inventing it!

Sally Toro (rei***

lost 15+ lbs and I'm not as hungry
Steve Goodman

Since I started using the product I lost 15 pounds! ... Before I tried everything from low carb diets, exercise, other weight loss products but nothing worked at all -- in fact before I would gain weight! ... when I take your product I don't feel as hungry all the time.

Steve Goodman (stg****

went down 2 sizes. Ordering 3 more bottles
Hilda Everett

... I ordered my first bottle a little less than 30 days ago. Of course, I was a little skeptic at first, but it did sound good. Now, I don't believe much in scales so I can't tell you how much weight I've lost.

But in less than a month, I've gone down 2 sizes in my pants and I'm wearing clothes that I haven't been able to fit into for a couple of years. I just ordered three more bottles and I'm thoroughly pleased with this product and would recommend it to anyone.

Hilda Everett (hild***

I'm a very, very big fan
John - ohio

... I was very impressed with the product! I didn't like products like this before and questioned them. I thought nothing but hard work, working out and good eating habits would help you lose weight. But I recently injured my Achilles and I haven't been running as much and lo and behold, my pants started getting loser ... Lost about 5-6 lbs ... Started noticing a difference between 3-4 weeks. I'm a very, very big fan of your product. Thanks!

John (nord***

lost an amazing 16 pounds in only 6 weeks

.... I have tried this product for 6 weeks now and I've lost 16 lbs. It's amazing and it's totally curbed my appetite. I will continue to use it and I first started to because I needed to lose weight for my wedding.

Kandy Restrepo (kand***

a huge difference everywhere
Joe King

... I've used a couple of products like this in the past, but with no results. I was skeptical about trying this at all, due to the failure of the other products. But I really enjoy this one because I started to see weight loss right away, within the first week! I've also noticed a big difference in my workout routine. I've doubled the situps and curls. I have more energy and stamina. My wife has noticed a big difference in me. ... I'm very satisfied with this product and I'm gonna keep on taking it until I get to my optimal weight

Joe King (slop***

I've lost weight and inches
Carol Scuro

I live in Canada and I'm 61 years old. I do a lot of reading and don't get any exercise. I've been eating a lot of food in the past few months ... many of which are deserts because my only brother recent died. I've lost weight and inches, which I'm surprised since I've been eating more food recently. I've tried every weight loss method you can think off, and NOTHING has worked like these products!

Carol Scuro (csc***

only 1 pill a day and my stomach is smaller
Denise Young

... I started taking Lean Optimizer on October the 30th, 2006. I must say, I was skeptical at first since I've tried so many things in the past.... And it just didn't work or there were side-effects. But this stuff, it works! I'm on the 3rd day of the second week and the fat loss is already noticeable. The love handles have gone down to nothing and the chunk of fat at the top of my neck has gone down.

The fat between my thighs has gone down and on my stomach, arms and back have all gone down so much so that my mom wants to give it a try. This is awesome! And within the first week, I only took ONE a day and didn't change my eating habits. I've never tried anything that works this fast without any of the side-effects. Honest to God, this stuff works!!! .... If you're like me and nothing works and you're skeptical, give it a try.

Denise Young (yange***

works fast
Kenneth Burnham

I've taken one bottle of it so far and have tried it and I could tell within a few days that it was working. My appetite is less and after taking the full bottle after a month, I've had people tell me they can tell that I have been losing weight in my face, my chest and my belly.

Kenneth Burnham (Pipe***

both my son and I take it - we LOVE IT!
Bonnie Serrottos

... I'm extremely happy with the results. I have no side-effects. I'm feeling better. I'm also given it to my 22 year-old son who is over weight and have seen dramatic changes in him. And also to my 20 year old daughter who has lost 8 lbs already. I've tried many other things and all sorts of diet pills. ... My doctor even gave me a metabolism booster by prescription that I'm suppose to be on for 6 months and I was on it for 2 years and still never saw the results that I saw with Lean Optimizer. Again, what I'm more concerned about is that I have no side-effects, I feel great with it and I can see the weight just coming off of us. ... And we've all been on it for only a month and just love it

Bonnie Serrottos (serr***

hands down, best weight loss product ever
Katie Sandin

... it's wonderful! I went ahead and gave it a shot, even though I was skeptical that it probably wouldn't work. Or it would have me jittery or wired - but NONE of the above happened. I lost weight right away, but I didn't tell anyone that I was taking it because I didn't want them to give me compliments, just for the sake of giving it. But the compliments came anyway, from everybody ...

Even though I've walked and exercised before, I have NEVER gotten the same results as when I added in Lean Optimizer. This is hands-down, one of THE best products I've ever tried. Like I said, no side-effects and only great things to say about it. I'm SOLD! If anyone is thinking about giving this a shot, they should because they have nothing to lose and a lot of good things to gain

Katie Sandin (kat***

great results in only 45 days
Guy Peraino

... I've used it for 45 days and have seen great results and have lost inches.... Your product is very easy to take. I didn't get any of the jitters, unlike other weight loss products. I'm not a newbie to all this and was a competitive bodybuilder 15 years ago. So, I've tried a lot of products and know what works and doesn't.

... Lean Optimizer is updated and contains ingredients with the newest technologies. My pants now FIT, and actually are LOOSE on me.... I definitely have more energy, less fatigue and less cravings for meals. I love your product and will be ordering again!

Guy Peraino (ibg****

helped me lose the extra lbs after my baby
Suzy Chakur

... I just had a baby and I'm 37 years old and really helped me lose those extra pounds ... Not only is it helping with the weight loss, but also giving me the energy I need through out the day due to the sleepless nights.

Suzy Chakur (cha****

a tremendous difference in only 4 weeks
Lori Talaga

I just wanted to say that this is a product that really works. I want to thank you. It's been less than four weeks and I see a tremendous difference already. Thank you so much

Lori Talaga (tal***

I'm very happy
Valerie Johnson

... I'm one of those sad people who has never been able to control my weight. I've even had SURGERY ... that worked for about 10 years. And then the weight started to go WAY back up. I've had many anxiety moments because of this, gone through the surgery. I'm glad I've found this because it has helped me ... It has controlled my appetite, I do NOT get nervous or jittery. I find that if I take it twice a day, it contols things and the weight has come back down and I'm very happy with it.

Valerie Johnson (valbu***

the most amazing diet pill ever!
Michael Lynott

... I've been taking Lean Optimizer for a couple months and it is THE MOST AMAZING diet pill I have ever taken. There is no bad after-taste. It's a fantastic solution here and I recommend it to all my friends and it's a wonderful product!

Michael Lynott (mik***

already lost 10 lbs and have lots more energy

... I have taken it for the past 3 months and I have gotten some good results from it. I need to lose some weight and was stuck in a rut for a while. So far, I've lost 10 lbs, out of the 25 that I want to lose. I want to continue using the product so I can lose the remaining 15 lbs. It's a good product to use. It does give me extra energy and it does curb those sweet cravings that I use to have all the time.

Anne Miller (sa***

I've lost over 25lbs, 42 total!!!
Steve Schwartzenberg

...Just wanted to let you know that the Lean Optimizer has been working wonders for me. ... But adding Lean Optimizer to my diet, I've lost 25 lbs since December alone. I've lost a total of 42 lbs, but the bulk of the weight loss happened when I added in the Lean Optimizer...

Steve Schwartzenberg (lo***

first time I've re-ordered a diet product

...I have been over weight since 5 years old. I have tried everything in my 56 years! ... And there has been very little that has helped. But I did try 3 bottles of Lean Optimizer and I've found that it has truely worked for me. Within the past 3 months, I've lost 12 lbs, which may not seem like a lot - but it is for me.

I have more to lose, but this has been the only thing that has worked with everything I've tried .... other pills, patches. It's given me a sense of fullness, I don't want to or even think about eating - which is very important. So, I am re-ordering and this is the first time I've ever reordered any diet product. I'm thankful for your product and I look forward to continuing to lose it and use it. Thanks very much!

Christie Russel (kris***

by far, the best product I've ever tried
Peggy Reeder

...I've been using Lean Optimizer along with your CHEATmeals for two weeks and I've lost 8 pounds already. I've also noticed how much loser my clothes have gotten and how high my energy levels are. I also can't believe how much my appetite has decreased and how full I feel.

... this is by far the best product I've ever tried and will surely tell all my family and friends.

Peggy Reeder (lovin***

nothnig works, except for this product
Picture Of Enriquez

... I've actually been eating right and working out for the last 3 months and for whatever reason, I wasn't losing the weight. I then got on your Lean Optimizer product this last month and within the first month I lost 7 lbs! Thank you so much and I'll continue to you use your great product!

Javier Enriquez (jav***

I keep coming back, because it works
Judith Newman

.... I bought Lean Optimizer last year and found that it helped me so much in raising my metabolism. It worked great! But I couldn't afford it so I stopped using it for about six months. Surprisingly, I STILL managed to keep all the weight off and my body toned. So, I decided to come back on it again because obviously over the holiday season, as everyone knows, you can put on some weight. I'm looking forward to using it again and getting back into shape. Thank you!

Judy Newman (jud***

better than the rest. Lost 10 lbs in 8 weeks

... I've lost 10 lbs in the first 8 weeks of using Lean Optimizer ... and it's basically all fat. Clothes are hanging off of me and things are fitting like they've never fit before. And I'm an individual that's been working out for over 25 years - swimming, water polo, jogging, hiking, BoFlex, Tabeo and every workout system you can think of. As I stated in a previous testimonial, I've tried other products and with Lean Optimizer - even at 6 pills a day, I have no jittery feelings, no side-effects, and I just love the product!

Coryr Crant (gcora***