This page covers the ingredients found in Lean Optimizer™ and discusses WHY they work, including links to clinical and scientific studies. The top portion of this page will cover the "Supplement Facts" (ingredients, servings per bottle, dosages, etc.). You'll have a quick overview of proven formula.

The bottom portion of this page will list all the specific ingredients and a short overview about their benefits, pros and cons. Then you'll know how weight management and fat loss is so much easier when you're utilizing Lean Optimizer™ and why it's better than other solutions on the market.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: Veggie 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 90

Ingredients Amount Per Serving %DV/RTI*

Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid) 75 MG 125%
Potassium 50 MG 1%
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCL) 12.5 MG 625%
Chromium Picolinate 100 MCG 84%

Synergy Optimizer™ Technologies Blend 753.64 MG
Green Coffee Bean (organic extract - GCA®)
Theobromine (10% extract)
Dandelion Root (4:1 extract)
L-Tyrosine Ethyl Ester
Yerbe Mate
5-HTP (Griffonia Simplicifolia)
Higenamine HCL
Dendrobium (60% extract)
Coleus Forskohlii (10% Forskolin extract)
Chlorella Chlorophyll
Guggulsterones (Synthetic 450, E + Z 1:1)

† Daily Value not established
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
Made in USA Gluten free Vegetarian Non GMO Additive and filler free
Recommended Use: If you are NEW to this dietary supplement, please begin your first week (7 days) by taking 1 capsule in the morning, prior to breakfast and 1 capsule six hours later, each time on an empty stomach with 16 oz. (2 full cups) of water. Beginning your SECOND week, you should increase the dosage to 2 capsules, twice daily for a total of 4 capsules daily.

For best results, combine with a low-fat, reduced calorie diet and exercise program. Use continuously for a minimum of 6-8 weeks to optimize your fat-burning metabolism. If you have trouble sleeping, do not take within 5 hours of bedtime.

Other Ingredients: plant-derived cellulose gelatin (Vegetarian capsule), rice flour

Does NOT Contain Any: Wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, egg or peanuts.

Warnings & Interactions: Do not use if you are pregnant, may become pregnant or are nursing. As with any new supplement, you may want to consult with a physician prior to use. Keep tightly closed, in a cool dry place and away from children. Additionally, if you're taking blood thinning medication, you should be aware that this product has subtle anticoagulating effects.

Get The Facts:

Below you'll find detailed descriptions about the ingredients utilized in Lean Optimizer™ - exactly HOW it works & WHY it's better than other products. To get started, simply click on the ingredients below and a detailed description will appear under it.

  • Green Coffee Bean

    Green coffee beans are raw or unroasted coffee beans. Green coffee beans have a higher level of chlorogenic acid compared to regular, roasted coffee beans and it’s the chlorogenic acid in green coffee which is believed to trigger a wide range of health benefits related to heart disease, diabetes, and weight loss. For weight loss, it’s the chlorogenic acid in green coffee that helps the body’s ability to both regulate blood sugar and boost metabolism and therefore, produce a synergistic fat-burning effect.

    Chlorogenic acid has shown an ability to inhibit the enzyme, glucose-6-phosphatase. This enzyme is responsible for promoting the formation of glucose in the liver. Hence, chlorogenic acid in green coffee is thought be responsible - at least in part - for the lowered risk of glycemic problems (such as diabetes), that has been demonstrated with long-term coffee consumption.

    Various studies have suggested that chlorogenic acid slows absorption of fat from food intake and also activates metabolism of extra fat. Unfortunately, traditional brewed coffee doesn’t serve as a good source of chlorogenic acid.

    When looking for a green coffee bean supplement, make sure it contains the key ingredient chlorogenic acid extract, which might be shown as either Svetol® or GCA® (green coffee antioxidant).

    You want a product that has a minimum of 45% chlorogenic acid. (Higher than 45% is fine.) Just be aware that products containing less than 45% have not yet been tested in peer-reviewed studies that demonstrate accelerated fat burning or weight loss.

  • Theobromine (10% extract)

    Theobromine is naturally occurring in cocoa and acts as a mild stimulant. While similar to caffeine, it’s a safer choice as it does not affect the body through central nervous system stimulation. Instead, it acts as an effective vasodilator, relaxing the smooth muscle in blood vessels and allowing better blood flow.

    Another difference when compared caffeine is that theobromine has three methyl groups versus just two found in caffeine. The extra methyl group helps slow down system clearance of theobromine, which makes it longer acting than caffeine and without the typical “caffeine crash”.

  • L-Tyrosine Ethyl Ester

    L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that is the precursor of several important neurotransmitters which are important contributors to mood, cognitive performance, as well as combating stress. There is also a lot of evidence that Tyrosine helps to increase your metabolism by optimizing your thyroid, similar to Guggulsterones, but through a different, secondary mechanism.

    L-Tyrosine is an amino acid (amino acids are described as the "building blocks" of protein), and happens to be the precursor of several important neurotransmitters -- l-dopa, dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine -- which are important contributors to mood, cognitive performance, as well as combating stress.

    So, even though we are taking about weight loss - having a positive and happy "attitude" is always a BIG BENEFIT - especially when trying to eat healthy, diet, working out, having a long day at work, dealing with life stresses, etc.

    Boosts The Metabolism

    There is also a lot of evidence that Tyrosine helps to increase your metabolism by optimizing your thyroid, similar to Guggulsterones (see below), but through a different, secondary mechanism. This becomes even MORE important when reducing calories and/or on a low carbohydrate diet because BOTH reduce your metabolism and thyroid production within 14-21 days. L-Tyrosine helps stop and reverse this problem.

    Appetite Suppression Is Enhanced

    Another benefit is when combined with other appetite suppressant ingredients (such as those found in Lean Optimizer®), there is a specific synergy where the L-Tyrosine greatly enhances both the effects and duration of the appetite suppression - all making "dieting" and watching what you eat a lot easier!

    But, There Is A Problem ...

    Unfortunately, regular L-Tyrosine isn't utilized well by the body and extreme high doses are required - 1000 mgs, 3x daily or more for the above mentioned benefits. That's where the addition of the "Ethyl Ester" comes into effect because this version of L-Tyrosine has up to 430% better bio-availability and hence, better utilized by the body. It costs a lot more, but it's far more effective at mood enhancing, boosting of the metabolism, thyroid function and appetite suppression.

  • Yerbe Mate

    Yerba mate is a South American plant with stimulant qualities that help boost resting metabolism. It’s also been shown to help with feeling “full” sooner after you begin eating, and it slows your digestion so that your stomach stays full longer.

    Yerba mate has antioxidants and amino acids that help move fat and cholesterol through your bloodstream so they don't accumulate on artery walls and form the unwanted arterial plaque. Yerba mate also helps prevent hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis) and helps reduce blood clots that can lead to heart attack or stroke.

    Many yerba mate users report experiencing a caffeine-like “buzz” without the jitters and insomnia that can accompany too much caffeine.

  • 5-HTP (Griffonia Simplicifolia)

    5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) is an amino acid that aids in the production of the “brain chemical” serotonin. The lower your serotonin levels are, the more likely you are to over eat even when you’re not hungry. On the flip side, higher serotonin levels have been associated with increased satiety, which is the the sensation of feeling “full” after a meal. Studies have shown that women taking 5-HTP (with no other changes) effortlessly lost over 4.5 pounds in 5 weeks simply due to the increased sense of satiety ... and the longer they were on it, the better it worked!

    5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) is an amino acid that occurs naturally in the body and is the final step in the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin, an important chemical that’s responsible for many of the brain impulses involving satisfaction and well being.

    This "brain chemical" called serotonin, also helps you stop eating after consuming an adequate amount of food. Low serotonin levels stimulate appetite control centers in the brain, resulting in strong cravings for carbohydrates in particular.

    The Research ...

    In research studies 3, 5-HTP supplementation has been shown to promote weight loss by increasing satiety (feeling full and not hungry any more), leading to fewer calories being consumed at meals. The problem is that having low serotonin levels is very common due to:

    • Aging (especially in women)
    • Stress (as cortisol rises, serotonin decreases
    • Lack of sleep
    • Dieting - especially lowered carbohydrate and/or high protein diets

    Remember "Phen-Fen"? ...

    A few years back, there was a VERY EFFECTIVE weight-loss drug called "Phen-Fen". The side-effects were very minor for the amazing effects it gave in such a short period of time.

    The drug fenfluramine was one member of this now infamous phen-fen treatment for weight loss. Although very successful, fenfluramine was later associated with damage to the valves of the heart, and was removed from the market. One of the main reasons fenfluramine worked so well is because it raised serotonin levels.

    The Serotonin Clinical Tests

    Due to the fact that fenfluramine raises serotonin levels, it seems reasonable to believe that other substances that affect serotonin might also be useful for weight reduction.

    Four small double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials examined whether 5-HTP can aid weight loss. The results showed that participants given placebo consumed about 2,300 calories per day, while those taking 5-HTP ate only 1,800 calories daily. Use of 5-HTP appeared to lead to a significantly enhanced sense of satiety after eating. Over the course of 5 weeks, women taking 5-HTP effortlessly lost over 4.5 pounds.

    In fact, ALL of the 4 tests done showed amazing weight loss results, without ANY change in diet or exercise. And here's the best part, the LONGER they were on it, the better it worked!

  • Bladderwrack

    Bladderwrack is a type of seaweed rich in iodine which helps support healthy thyroid function. (Without iodine, the thyroid cannot produce enough hormones.) This is very important because most people — especially women and those over the age of 35 — have slow or underactive thyroid. Even if they are in "normal" ranges, they aren't in OPTIMAL "fat burning" range. The natural source of iodine in bladderwrack helps stimulate the thyroid gland to help speed up your metabolism.

  • Higenamine

    It’s the adrenergic effects of higenamine that make it an effective weight loss aid. Higenamine is a beta-1 and beta-2 adrenergic agonist. Translation: It will increase your metabolism and help with lipolysis and the release of fatty acids from your cells. One main benefit with Higenamine is that it can dramatically increase fat burning, with any minor exercise - even walking 30 minutes, 3x weekly.

    Higenamine is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in a number of plants, and it is safe and well-tolerated. It’s been in the food supplies and traditional medicine for centuries with no problem. Higenmanine has also been shown to promote better vascular relaxation and vasodilation.

  • Dendrobium

    Dendrobium is in the orchid plant family and has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 1300 years. It acts as a stimulant that doesn’t restrict blood flow which makes it good for a pre-workout energy boost and to boost metabolism.

    Dendrobium is rich in phenlyethylamine (PEA) which is the same neuroamine found in chocolate. PEA encourages the body to produce norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter that is closely linked with the motor coordination of our muscles. Dendrobium has been shown to help elevate mood, enhance energy levels as well as boost metabolism.

  • 3,5-Diiodo-L-Thyronine

    3,5-Diiodo-L-Thyronine is a non-stimulant which has demonstrated an ability to increase the RMR (Resting Metabolism Rate). It helps increase the presence of natural thyroid hormones (T2 and the active thyroid hormone T3) that your body naturally uses to stimulate the fat burning process. It helps naturally increase your metabolism and helps create youthful thyroid levels.

    Picture a fat cell as a room with a door. When unused excess calories are stored as fat, they enter the room and the door is shut and locked until the energy (fat) is needed. 3,5-Diiodo-L-Thyronine in the body helps promote a natural set of processes which lead to the door of the fat cell room being unlocked and opened, so that the fat can be used as fuel for energy production. The result is an increase in fatty acid oxidation or the burning of the excess fat you want to get rid of.

  • Coleus Forskohlii

    Coleus Forskohlii is a small plant in the mint family. Its unique active ingredient, the diterpene, forskolin, has been shown to activate the enzyme adenylate cyclase in various tissues, which in turn, increases cellular levels of cyclic AMP (Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate). As with other substances that increase cAMP (caffeine, adrenaline, ephedrine, epinephrine), forskolin enhances the breakdown and release of fat from fat cells.

    Coleus Forskohlii has been used for congestive heart failure as it helps strengthen the heart “pump” muscle and is good for high blood pressure by relaxing the walls of the blood vessels. It’s also been shown to reduce platelet stickiness, which reduces risk of clotting and strokes.

    Unlike ephedrine, caffeine, and other central nervous system stimulants, forskolin does not stimulate the nervous system. Therefore, it does not produce the serious undesirable side effects associated with stimulant drugs and supplements (e.g. ephedrine) such as rapid heart rate, elevated blood pressure, jitters, insomnia, anxiety, etc. In one study, subjects showed an average of 10 lbs of weight loss within an eight-week period.

  • Chromium

    Chromium is an essential nutrient for our bodies, but most are severely lacking due to dietary habits. Chromium’s major benefit is that it enhances insulin’s effect in the body, improving the uptake of glucose and carbohydrates, which leads to better blood circulation and normalized blood sugar levels. This makes it especially beneficial for diabetics, but the reduction of insulin “spikes” is important for anyone wanting to shed weight.

    You want to be sure to use the picolinate version of chromium for maximum absorption and utilization by the body. Other forms aren’t anywhere near as effective, and some are practically worthless.

  • Guggulsterones

    Also referred to as "guggul" or "guggulipid", this naturally occurring herb has proven to reduce cholesterol, increase HDL and lower LDL and has amazing fat-burning qualities. In numerous studies, guggulsterones has shown to activate lipolytic enzymes (fat burning enzymes) and it also increases the thyroid T3.

    This is CRUCIAL when dieting because as soon as one begins to diet and/or decreases carbohydrate intake, around day 10-14, your body goes into "starvation" mode and begins to decrease your metabolism through decrease output of your thyroid hormones. It does this as a defense mechanism so you don't lose "too much weight and die".

    This is why most diets stop working around the 3rd week or so and by the 4th week, your metabolism has drastically been slowed down. Guggulsterones bypasses this natural defense mechanism and allows the fat burning to continue.

  • Chlorella Chlorophyll

    The biggest breakthrough in weight loss this past decade is Alkalizing your BODY and its cells. One of the biggest reasons for getting fat, (as well as sick in general), is "negative stress". Stress causes a rise in acids and lowering of PH through our your body, creating a negative domino effect by increasing negative hormones, decreasing in positive hormones and enzymes... all of this making fat loss much more difficult, especially around your belly.

    This hormonal imbalance leads to overeating of fatty, sugary foods (negative hormones create cravings) and because of the rise in cortisol levels (stress hormone), the foods you eat get directed into your FAT cells, rather than muscle cells.

    Simply stated, one of the most amazing discoveries in recent times is that gaining body fat is actually an over acidification problem. This means that the body creates fat cells to carry dangerous acids away from your vital organs. This is so that these acids don't literally choke your organs to death!

    It's a protective measure - a survival thing. Remember - Action/Reaction! So, your body is holding on to ugly body fat because it's actually trying to SAVE YOUR LIFE! 

    By using Lean Optimizer®, the PH Alkalizing formula allows your body to NATURALLY alkalize your system, so your body no longer has the need to hold on to the fat and hence, it's much easier to shed the body fat.

    Water, Greens & Chlorophyll

    How to alkalize your body deserves its own article, but the best thing you can do is drink LOTS of water, eat lots of green vegetables and take Chlorophyll. If you didn't know, Chlorophyll is the "green color" found in plants, made from sun shine. Without it, we'd all DIE! Hence, the amazing importance of it.

    Chlorophyll's Benefits

    Chlorophyll cleanses and rebuilds the blood. It has immune building properties, and is a natural deodorizer. Adding chlorophyll supplementation to your diet (into your water or regular capsules), helps to balance the blood sugar and reduce the cravings for sweets.

    Chlorophyll helps to make your blood alkaline instead of acid, which helps to trigger the release of stored toxins and body fat. It also helps increase stamina and endurance with will help you get back on a regular exercise program.

    Lean Optimizer® uses Yaeyama Chlorella, supplying the highest bio-available and nutrient dense chlorophyll in the world!